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Introducing Firmenich’s New Circular Fragrance Collection



Sustainability has been the buzz word of this generation. From fashion and food to beauty and fragrance, everyone has gone green, and the efforts to save the planet just keep getting better and louder as new innovations are introduced on the playing field. Firmenich raises the bar by launching a collection of 100 percent upcycled perfumes – a first for our industry to keep on shaping the future of fragrance.




At Firmenich, upcycling is defined as the way to valorize by-products, discarded materials, waste from other industries and unused products into new materials or products of higher value for a positive impact on the environment. Compared to recycling, which involves the destruction of waste through an industrial process to create something new, upcycling takes waste in its current state and gives it a new lease on life. In a nutshell, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


Upcycled ingredients are the treasures that are collected from products that would otherwise go to waste. In fragrance, by-products that are used to create ingredients and raw materials, such as unsold jasmine flowers or damaged cardamom pods, go through an extraction process to produce essential oils. This system, called circular beauty, answers consumers’ expectations for developing sustainable and delightful products that come with no buyer’s remorse and make them feel as if they, too, are contributing to preserving the environment.



Today, a whole new chapter is ready to be explored with the launch of Firmenich’s Circular Collection – the only collection of 100 percent upcycled fragrances in the market. From unsold flowers and discarded lemon peels to fallen tree branches, each ingredient in these fragrances are discarded materials or by-products of transformation from other industries. The sawdust from cedarwood used to make cabinets, for example, gets a second lease on life by being upcycled to create essential oils, ready to be utilized by expert perfumers to craft exceptional scents. One such creation is Principal Perfumer Ilias Ermenidis’ “Santalina.” This new fragrance is a wonderful blend of woods and musks, combined with jasmine facets and a touch of cardamom and cinnamon. It is a prime example of how upcycled musks give an added character to the fragrance, rich and voluptuous, while enhancing the longevity of the scent.

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Ilias Ermenedis


Conscious Conversations with Principal Perfumer Ilias ErmenIdis


  • The best thing about creating with upcycled ingredients is... it’s not only the satisfaction of using our entire upcycled palette but, just like in every creative endeavour, you have to double your creativity and think of smart solutions because you are trying to achieve an olfactive form, or an olfactive illusion, using a very different palette of ingredients.
  • Santalina was inspired by... a creative accord combining musk, sandalwood and flowers. This fragrance was inspired by our renewable, upcycled musk helvetolide®, our sandalwood molecules, our natural cedarwoods and of course, rose damascena firad.
  • I created Santalina for... perfume aficionados who like to venture between the niche and the mainstream, eager to start a new olfactive journey with a 100% upcycled fragrance.
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