Digital Business Development Director, Perfumery

Michaël Chopard


Since joining Firmenich in 2017, Michaël has been an adept digital ambassador, leading a cross functional team to execute digital transformation projects. Prior to this, he has introduced disruptive new technologies to public and private sectors for over two decades. A strong believer that digital is not only about technologies but much more about Humans driven by curiosity and humility, he is remains passionate about building an eco-system that allows navigation through uncertainties surrounding a digital transformation journey.


Michaël will develop and implement a digital strategy and framework that augments our people, enables best processes and builds digital literacy. He will champion the digital upskilling of Firmenich, advocating a client-centric mindset in our digital tools.

Michaël Chopard


Based out of Geneva, he continues to develop and manage a forward-looking roadmap of digital projects for the Perfumery division, optimizing the use of existing and new platforms and services.

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