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Senior Perfumer

Bruno Jovanovic



“My signature formula is a simple and clear message that can be identified immediately."

Home: Paris, France

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Bruno Jovanovic

Fine Fragrance Creations




At a young age, Bruno Jovanovic was already enthralled with scents, odors and everything olfactive. He remembers his mother’s perfume as a way to keep her beside him all the time.


As he grew up in France, Bruno’s love for perfume increased. He would escape high school to the department store across the street, where he would get lost in the perfumery displays.


After earning a degree in Physics and Chemistry at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, he enrolled in the French perfumery school ISIPCA. Bruno graduated with top honors and moved to New York. He joined a leading fragrance house and spent over 20 years between New York and Paris, creating some of the world’s most celebrated fragrances.


Both intellectual and artistic, Bruno is inspired by artists as well as philosophers. He searches for the essential, deconstructing and simplifying. He also considers time, its effect on the maturation of raw materials and their final olfactive form. He borrows his motto from Kant: “Beauty is universal and has no concept.”


Humble and open, Bruno is a dreamer, often combining ideas, fragrances, paintings or words. “I find it just as fascinating to olfactively transpose “being 20” as interpreting the velvety texture of a yogurt.” 


Bruno is focused on creating both art and sensitivity.