Senior Perfumer

Gabriela Chelariu



“I connect my past with my present every day, through fragrance creation."




Home: New York, New York

Gabriela Chelariu

Fine Fragrance Creations




Born in a small town in Romania, Gabriela grew up far from the world of fine fragrances, but her childhood was filled with the scents of nature. “Spring brought the freshness of lingering snow and new vegetation, in June the linden flower bloomed – and I my mother’s musky smell in deepest winter.”


Her grandmother was also a big influence. “She showed me the love of nature and taught me what the earth can give us if we pay attention and take care of it. I picked her tomatoes from age 11 and their scent permeated my clothes, hair and skin. That was really my first fragrance!” 


Gabi worked in the research lab of an aroma chemicals company while at pharmancy school,  then visited Grasse where “it all crystallized. Suddenly I truly understood the role of a perfumer. This world became fully alive for me.” After school, she spent time in the USA as a perfumers lab assistant, before joining Firmenich as a perfumer in 2015.


Gabi’s favorite things all connect to her work. She loves hiking and relished traveling: “The customs, cultures and crafts of a new country open up a million opportunities. I love to immerse myself and discover!”