Philippine Courtière



“Everything I create is intuitive, I lead with my gut instinct.”




Home: Paris, France

Philippine Courtiè


A Parisienne perfumer first and foremost, Philippine also has strong ties to the world of fashion through her grandfather, who contributed to the launch of Dior. From him, she learnt that “willpower and hard work allow you to make your dreams come true.” 


Philippine is passionate about her work and without new challenges becomes bored – a restlessness which explains her adventures in ballet dancing, horse-riding and the study of Arabic in the Middle East. There, she interpreted the “folie des grandeurs” of the Middle East as the stuff of dreams. “In Dubai, every weekend is a vacation and everything is a pretext for a party and excess.” 


It would be difficult to fit Philippine into any category. A Parisienne living in Dubai, a keen sportswoman and an epicurean, she is extremely independent and has an inquiring mind. She is an avid reader and a shrewd art collector. No category would be rich enough for this multi-talented artist and multi-faceted woman – she and her fragrances can only be described as unique.