Longlasting fragrance

For hours, days and weeks

A long-lasting fragrance experience remains a universal consumer need across almost every market, category and product application. Globally over two-thirds of consumers wish their scent experience would last longer to prolong sensations of cleanliness, freshness, protection, reassurance and care.


Therefore, the delivery of a long lasting fragrance benefit on substrates such as fabrics, work surfaces, skin and hair is a key factor in providing reassurance of efficacy as well as creating positive emotions for consumers around the world.


We are constantly evolving and improving our portfolio of fragrance delivery systems to make them more sustainable, performant and applicable to a wide range of Home Care, Body Care and Fine Fragrance products.



Three lead platform technologies for fragrance delivery





PopScent® uses core shell polymeric capsules containing fragrances that are deposited and retained on surfaces such as clothes, skin and hair during product use. Upon drying, the capsules become brittle and break due to naturally occurring physical forces such as movement, rubbing, combing, etc., thus releasing the fragrance. 



Profragrance systems consist of two fragrance molecules that are bonded together. One is more substantive to substrates, while the other is more volatile. Once delivered to a substrate during product use and then exposed to a specific natural trigger such as oxygen, heat or enzymes, the molecular bond breaks and the volatile perfume molecule gradually releases over time. This unique innovation creates a halo effect, enabling the entire fragrance to last longer for a more rounded olfactive experience.



FixaScent™ creates a system of light film forming materials that help fragrances bind and adhere more effectively to skin, when applied from direct application sprays such as Deodorants or Fine Fragrances.


What customers & consumers are saying about PopScent®:




“This is the capsule we’ve been always looking for to create our best perfumes.”

“The best performance on dry, both before and after rubbing that I have ever experienced.”

“So easy to break on dry that you get the effect by simply following your natural processes, like stretching the sheets, folding towels, putting on my shirt, as opposed to having to rub and get your nose close to the cloth.”

 “This fabric softener smells so good! I was very surprised at how long the scent lasts. This is my new favorite!”

“I love that ad idea in which the girl leaves a perfume trail when passing by other people, I think I would experience that with this new softener.”

“I smelled what I thought was a perfume from my friend’s clothes and was surprised when she said it was her fabric softener. So I started to use it afterwards.” 

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