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Three lead platform technologies
for fragrance delivery


What customers & consumers are saying about PopScent®:




“This is the capsule we’ve been always looking for to create our best perfumes.”

“The best performance on dry, both before and after rubbing that I have ever experienced.”

“So easy to break on dry that you get the effect by simply following your natural processes, like stretching the sheets, folding towels, putting on my shirt, as opposed to having to rub and get your nose close to the cloth.”

 “This fabric softener smells so good! I was very surprised at how long the scent lasts. This is my new favorite!”

“I love that ad idea in which the girl leaves a perfume trail when passing by other people, I think I would experience that with this new softener.”

“I smelled what I thought was a perfume from my friend’s clothes and was surprised when she said it was her fabric softener. So I started to use it afterwards.” 

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