Firmenich Introduces Olfactive Vision, a New Creative Direction for the Future of Fine Fragrance

Geneva, Switzerland, January 19th, 2021 -

Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned fragrance and taste company, has introduced Olfactive Vision, a new creative direction for the future of Fine Fragrance. Harnessing the unique talent of its perfumers, proprietary socio-cultural insights, and its award-winning palette of ingredients, Firmenich Fine Fragrance has outlined four distinct territories and a collection of unique fragrances that translate consumer attitudes into olfactive pathways for the post-COVID-19 world.  


“Like any artistic movement, olfactive currents echo the socio-cultural environment of the era,” Jerry Vittoria, Senior Vice President, Global Fine Fragrance explained “In our annual Olfactive Vision, we ask ourselves what the impact of today will be on the fragrances of tomorrow. We project ourselves into the next decade and dream of the olfactive future by developing singular fragrance ideas.”


As part of our RE|GENERATION movement, we asked our Fine Fragrance perfumers to challenge the fragrance landscape of tomorrow, and share their strongest olfactive convictions and predictions.


“For perfumers, it is essential to take the time to consider the future of perfumery by translating the current consumer aspirations into olfactive pathways,” said Nathalie Lorson, Master Perfumer, Fine Fragrance.  “The gender reboot, the quest for disruption, the birth of a new positive luxury and the desire for holistic wellbeing nurtured our collective creative vision.”


Driven by their imagination and inspiration, Firmenich perfumers developed the following territories:


  • The first theme, Shift The Rules, highlights a shift in gender equality that impacts the way people express themselves. Perfumery is no longer about gender blurring or genderless scents, but rather creating a completely new inclusive model altogether. We explore new fluid fragrances that are simpler, sleeker, and allow individual personality and character to shine through.

  • Playful Reconnection explores artistic experimentation, freedom, disruption and eccentricity. We have broken down timid perfectionism and replaced it with spontaneity and creativity. This territory shows reverence for the natural world in an imaginative tribute, using a vibrant, kaleidoscope of shades  and natural elements to enrich the fragrance story.  

  • As COVID-19 becomes our ‘new normal’, Post-Crisis Luxury reflects how our emotions are impacting our values and priorities. People look to the past as they journey forward. Consumers will aspire to something more real and palpable, wanting to reconnect with the tangible world. Time and space, simplicity and comfort will become the new luxury.

  • The final territory is Greater Good, a desire to create harmony in our lives moving forward. Peace and wellbeing are the new wealth, and home is a synonym for comfort. People will appreciate the simple pleasures more, seeking a collective balance and solidarity fuelled by respect of oneself, others and the planet.


Olfactive Vision gives Firmenich Fine Fragrance and Beauty customers and consumers from around the world a glimpse into the future. It translates new and emerging global sentiments into emotionally-evocative themes and surprising fragrances that change our view of tomorrow. Customers can experience the program through custom olfactive kits and digital presentations during the months of January and February. To learn more about Olfactive Vision and RE|GENERATION, please visit:



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