Firmenich Presents “Carte Blanche” at the “Grasse Au Pays Des Merveilles” Festival

Paris, France, July 22, 2019 As part of the “Grasse au Pays des Merveilles” festival, the first-edition international festival of perfume and arts in Grasse, Firmenich’s “Carte Blanche” is featured at the Villa Fragonard from July 19 to 28, 2019 in Grasse. The exhibit invites visitors to discover the creations of nine fine fragrance perfumers alongside nine original illustrations on the theme of the future of perfumery.

“Carte Blanche” is an artistic initiative that showcases the creativity and long-term vision of nine of our perfumers: Master Perfumers Honorine Blanc, Annie Buzantian, Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp as well as Perfumers Marie Salamagne, Fabrice Pellegrin, Amandine Clerc Marie, Ilias Ermenidis and Dora Baghriche. Perfumers envisioned the perfumery of tomorrow and shared their intimate olfactory convictions with their chosen illustrators in a unique collaboration. From this artistic exchange and mutual inspiration, the gallery of nine works evokes very different atmospheres and emotions. Carte Blanche offers olfactory and pictorial territories in the image of our perfumers. Each of them, through their unique personality and signature, describe a unique and diverse vision for tomorrow.

Firmenich Fine Fragrance President Jerry Vittoria declared, “This festival brings a very nice echo to the UNESCO world heritage status recently earned by the art of perfumery of the Pays de Grasse. In order to promote our passion and the culture of perfume, Firmenich is particularly attached to the values transmitted through this event which celebrates the arts and perfumery. We support this common goal of spreading the know-how, legacy and cultural heritage of Grasse.”

Jerry Vittoria expressed his support for the city and explained the importance of Firmenich’s commitment in the region at the opening ceremony of the festival on July 19 in the gardens of the Villa Fragonard, in the presence of Jérôme Viaud, Mayor of Grasse and Jean-Pierre Leleux, Senator of the Alpes Maritimes region.

Firmenich perfumer and Grasse native, Fabrice Pellegrin participated in the festival’s organization, as a sponsor of the “future talent” perfumer competition for students from the 3 perfumery schools in Grasse: The Institut Supérieur du Parfum, the University of Côte d'Azur and the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. His contribution to these schools’ programs testifies to his attachment to the values anchored in the Firmenich DNA: the transmission of know-how and the coaching of future generations of perfumers. “Encouraging, training, challenging young talent is a noble mission,” he explains.

“Grasse au Pays des Merveilles” is the first international festival of perfume and arts in Grasse, organized by the Fonds Baudelaire, with the aim of capitalizing on the knowledge of the Pays de Grasse: its legacy, its cultural heritage, its history of perfume, from land to bottle. The first edition of the festival hosts exhibitions, conferences, shows and events from July 19 to 28, 2019.


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Firmenich Presents “Carte Blanche” at the “Grasse Au Pays Des Merveilles” Festival