Chapter 8: Oud

#NATURALSTOGETHER™ is an initiative led by Firmenich that brings together many of the world’s best natural ingredients suppliers to shape the future of Naturals.

Embark on a journey to discover the most beautiful natural ingredients for Fragrance and Flavors, the communities who grow them and the creators who bring them to life.

Discover Chapter 8: Oud


Oud is a mythical ingredient with an ancient history, originating in from the Sylthet region in Bangladesh. The earliest references of oud come from this region, found in the Sanskrit texts published in 1500 BC. Our partner, Jalali Agarwood has been sustainably growing and producing oud in this region for decades, ensuring that the trade of the wood and oils benefits the social needs of the local community and provides a positive impact.


Through this partnership, we are joining our legacies to preserve oud for generations to come, and create the highest qualities of oud oils for our creators and our customers.

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