BOTANICAL Cinnamomum zeylanicum
Olfactive family
Product type
Olfactive description

CINNAMON BARK SFE offers warm, woody, spicy, sweet and gourmand notes.

More intense, warm, gourmand and addictive than classical Essential Oil.

Perfumery usage

An olfactive profile both qualitative and true to nature, dedicated to Fine Fragrance.

The SFE process preserves all the facets and the natural profile identity to guarantee a high purity extract.


Supercritical CO2 Extraction is a technology in which carbon dioxide, put beyond its critical point (73 bars and 30°C), becomes a supercritical fluid with special properties.
The extraction carried out at a low temperature preserves the natural profile identity of the raw material.

Did you know ?

Extracted part: dried bark (also called “Cannelier”).
This ingredient is both convenient for perfumery and flavor applications.

Crop seasons

Beverages May June July August September Sweet Goods Savory Foods


Firmenich sources its Cinnamon from independent farmers in Sri Lanka. The island is known for producing cinnamon of exceptionally high quality with a less camphoric profile than Madagascar cinnamon.
Farmers sustainably harvest the cinnamon bark two to three times a year. The bark is peeled from the branches using a precise technique to obtain cinnamon sticks. These are dried for several days to develop the cinnamon’s characteristic tonalities . The spice is then CO2 extract by our supplier.
Ceylon Cinnamon is a very popular ingredient for both Flavors and Fragrances.