Olfactive family
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Olfactive description

A soft and clean version of a patchouli profile.

Created from white biotechnology, CLEARWOOD® delivers all the rewards of modern ingredient design. Beaming with light, it offers the creamy warmth of amber and a dark woody character reminiscent of patchouli.

Perfumery usage

Launched in 2014 and first ever White Biotech Ingredient within the perfumery industry, CLEARWOOD® is a truly inspiring ingredient made possible by the genius of science, and rendered unforgettable by the perfumers' intuition.

CLEARWOOD® can sign a formula as a creative new sustainable ingredient.
At higher dosages it can be used as a new building block.
Rich in patchoulol, CLEARWOOD® can elegantly complement a patchouli essential oil.


White Biotech is biotechnology employed in industrial processes. An example is the use of a micro-organism to produce a useful chemical by fermentation.

Did you know ?

Depending on the country, CLEARWOOD® is identified either by the CAS number 84238-39-1 (China, Europe and Taiwan, China) or by the CAS number 1450625-49-6 (Australia, Philippines, South Korea, USA and Canada).


CLEARWOOD® is produced from sugarcane, a renewable biomass feedstock. Sugarcane is a natural source of energy sustainably cropped in regions benefitting from abundant rainfalls and warm weather.