BOTANICAL Boswellia carterii
FEMA# 2816
Olfactive family
Product type
Vulcain (Pyrogenized)
Olfactive description

Traditionally, Olibanum has a sweet, woody and balsamic profile which offers a green, terpenic, citrusy, peppery and resinous hints.
Sensual and rich, the note is typically oriental.

The Pyrogenation process sublimates the original note by adding an intense and warm leathery effect together with a radiant dry-down.

Most of the time in Perfumery, the aim is to preserve top notes, freshness, volatile and raw material fidelity.
With the Pyrogenation, the target is opposite: heavy, pyrogenized and leathery notes are sought.

Perfumery usage

The VULCAIN range (Pyrogenized) is developed by Firmenich Natural Ingredients Innovation Center and offers a collection of wider and more intense notes than those of the original extracts.

They provide a technical solution in the range of leathery notes with a great olfactory potential, and thus a use at very low dosage.


VULCAIN is the name of Firmenich Pyrogenation - A controlled and monitored creation of pyrogenized molecules during a specific heating process.

Did you know ?

Extracted part: gum (called "tears" due to the way the gum exudes from the trunk of the tree).
In Ancient Rome and Hellenic religion, VULCAIN is the god of fire, including the fire of volcanoes.

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