BOTANICAL Iris pallida & Iris germanica
Olfactive family
Violet - Orris
Product type
Natural Specialty
Olfactive description

Powdery, floral, green, woody and reminiscent of violet flower.
ORRIS EXT has a gourmand and sweet profile with cocoa nuances.

Perfumery usage

Orris extracts can be used in perfumery as well as in flavors, especially in red fruit notes such as raspberry.

ORRIS EXT contains a high amont of SFE which preserves all the facets and the natural profile identity to guarantee a high purity extract. This quality is perfectly soluble.


Well balanced association of ingredients, some of which are captives, blended together to create an inspiring specialty.
The composition may be a unique technical solution to create natural reconstitutions. They are the result of a close collaboration between Firmenich perfumers and specialists from our Natural Ingredients Center of Expertise.

Did you know ?

Extracted part: rhizomes.
This ingredient is both convenient for perfumery and flavor applications.

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