BOTANICAL Jasminum grandiflorum
Olfactive family
White Flower
Product type
Olfactive description

Reminiscent of the historical well known perfumery ingredient “Jasmin benzol”. JASMINE AUTUMN ABS offers a typical warm, gourmand, dry-fruit and hay-like effect. With elegantly curved leaves and petals of delicate white porcelain, the fragility of this flower contrasts with the astonishing power of its scent.

Perfumery usage

Also known as “The Flower,” Jasmine enhances floral top and middle notes and helps give a complex and refined structure to perfumes. This highly differentiating ingredient gives to perfumers an additional creative key for "strawberry, jamy" effect to the finest compositions.


A primary extraction with volatile solvent on fresh or dry biomass yields to a Concrete or Resinoid.
The Absolute is obtained via a second purification step in the process.

Did you know ?

Extracted part: flowers.
660 Kg of flowers are necessary to obtain 1 Kg of absolute.
The olfactive profile differentiation comes from the Solvent Extraction.
This ingredient is both convenient for perfumery and flavor applications.

Crop seasons

Sweet Goods June July August September


This jasmine extract is a blend of two famous origins: Egypt and India. In India, Firmenich has a unique collaboration through its Jasmine Concrete Export Private Limited (JCEPL), leader of Indian floral extract & member of Naturals Together™, for wich Firmenich is a minority stakeholder. They have developed a direct sourcing from jasmine grandiflorum farmers in Tamil Nadu through long term contracts, advanced payments, provision of seedlings and technical assistance, with a dedicated local sourcing team. In Egypt, Firmenich Naturals Together™ partner relies on its own plantation for flower production. All jasmine fields are located in the Nile delta where exceptionally rich soils allow record flower yields in the fields. Jasmine is also grown by hundreds of small farmers bringing an important income in the overall variety of their crops.