BOTANICAL Lavandula hybrida
Olfactive family
Product type
Olfactive description

Lavandin has fresh, aromatic, sweet and floral notes.
It is more herbaceous and camphor-like than Lavender. Compared to LAVANDIN GROSSO EO, the absolute is warmer, more herbaceous and coumarinic (hay like).

Perfumery usage

LAVANDIN ABS is widely used in Body and Home Care applications. It blends well with Labdanum, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Patchouli, Pine needle, Coumarin, Clary sage, chypres and fougeres.


A primary extraction with volatile solvent on fresh or dry biomass yields to a Concrete or Resinoid.
The Absolute is obtained via a second purification step in the process.

Did you know ?

Extracted part: stems and flowers.

Crop seasons

August July


Provence produces 95% of the Lavandin in the world, a production that is traditionally associated with other aromatic ingredients: Lavender and Clary sage. Firmenich footprint in Lavandin, one of the largest of the Industry, comes with a responsibility.

Heavily involved, Firmenich support its Naturals Together™ partner to develop a diversification program of Lavandin with Clary Sage, new Lavender hybrids and the introduction of Coriander, a new ingredient in Provence cultivation.

The association of aromatic products ensures a higher and more regular income for farmers. This diversification is also key to strengthen the future of aromatic crops in Provence.