Olfactive family
Product type
Synthetic Base
Olfactive description

This intoxicating rose has exceptionally rich profile with also powdery notes.

Perfumery usage

Its balanced composition and unique signature delivers all the promises of elegance in every perfumery application. An excellent performer, it fosters creativity and offers all the rewards of rose character to modern compositions.

With its many facets, WARDIA® can even be associated with Oud to create breathtaking olfactive journeys.

Due to its exceptional composition, Wardia is a good formula-locker.


Well balanced association of ingredients, some of which are captives, blended together to create an inspiring specialty.
The composition may be a unique technical solution to create natural reconstitutions. They are the result of a close collaboration between Firmenich perfumers and specialists from our Natural Ingredients Center of Expertise.

Did you know ?

Created in the 1930’s, WARDIA® made perfumery history all around the world.
Composed before the discovery of rose ketones, this exceptional olfactive jewel embodies the creativity of Firmenich perfumers.

Stability & Performance
Recommended applications
Concentration AVG - MAX
Substantivity & Remarks
    100 °C