Manufacturing Sites Water Management


By implementing local projects in our production sites, we aim to reduce total water consumption globally.



An automated washing machine used to clean various process equipment will cut water use by 2,190m3 per year; representing 4% of local use. We are also investigating low-flow faucets and waterless appliances in our offices and labs.



Wastewater reclaim in our Shanghai facility will cut our local water consumption by 20,000m3, or about 15% of local water use. We are also analyzing potential impact of installing water saving or waterless fixtures in offices and labs.



South Africa

Rainwater harvesting in South Africa will reduce our local consumption in this water-stressed country by well over 50%.

Our Performance

Acting On Climate, Water And Waste

Urgent and concerted global action is needed to address climate change. We are acting to minimize our impact on climate change and aim to lead our industry towards zero carbon emissions.

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