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Since 2011, our company has been investing in the Livelihoods Funds, alongside eight other companies, with the ambition to improve food security in rural communities and increase farmers' incomes through ecosystem restoration, agroforestry and rural energy programs.


In 2015, we joined the Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming (L3F), focusing on improving the productivity, income and livelihoods of smallholder farmers. This year, L3F used its strong expertise in agroecology and sustainable sourcing to launch a project to help transition a growing but highly controversial industry: palm oil by 2030.


Responsible Palm Oil

Since 2018, Firmenich has been a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). This leading non-profit organisation is committed to increasing transparency in the palm oil supply chain and preventing deforestation caused by unsustainable palm oil exploitation.


This year we have taken our commitment even further by updating our Palm Oil statement and sharing our 2020 performance of sourcing 100% RSPO certified palm oil. Following the successful certification of our production sites in Switzerland (2020) and the UK (2021), we have also committed to certify all production sites to RSPO Mass Balance by 2025. Our commitment aims to even impact local farmers as we promoted the L3F's palm oil project.


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Gianluca Colombo
"With regards to natural ingredients, such as palm oil and palm oil derivatives, we have set rigorous standards for sustainability.”

Gianluca Colombo

Chief Procurement Officer


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Embracing Nature

Nature gives us everything. It inspires our creations, supplies us with precious ingredients and drives our innovation. 

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