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A diet that is healthy for people and for the planet. What would it look and taste like? With the publication of the Eat-Lancet Commission report, written by 37 independent scientists from 16 countries, we now know that the future is ‘flexitarian’ and that Firmenich is playing a key role in making it happen.

Bipin Khara
"As a Flavorist, my passion is to make healthy taste great."

Bipin Khara

Master Flavorist, Princeton, Firmenich

What does our purpose mean for you?


As a flavorist, my purpose is to create flavors which make consumers feel good – whether they’re eating a cookie, a cracker, a yogurt or drinking a beverage. This ties in completely with the Firmenich purpose, with its focus on wellbeing. Everyone wants to live well and be healthy. We had the vision and foresight to understand this issue early on. Today we are leading a pioneering health and wellness agenda.

What is your creative approach?


I am a slightly ‘crazy’ and also a very customer-centric flavorist. ‘Crazy’ in my quest to never overlook the smallest detail – so I read pharmacy books continuously, looking for the overlooked grain of knowledge that could make a difference. ‘Customer-driven’ is my dedication to create winning solutions, consistently anticipating customer needs. People ask me what my favorite flavor creation is and my answer is always – ‘the one that is delighting consumers most.‘ I’m also naturally collaborative and Firmenich is a tightly knit family of diverse talents.We all support each other.

What inspires you?


I come originally from India, where malnutrition has been a problem for too long. I now live in the US, where there is an obesity crisis. Playing a part in helping to address both these issues inspires me. My particular passion is taste modulation to enable sugar reduction, which we can now do through natural processes, but also the drive towards lower salt, fat and smart proteins. As flavorists we can help to make healthy taste great. The switch to healthier foods can be difficult if they don’t taste “as good as” or better, so it feels great to be helping consumers make better choices!

Where is the world of flavor heading?


Across our industry the focus is changing really drastically. In the last three years, we have seen the naturals and health agenda really take off. The world needs to change its eating habits to sustain itself – people and planet – and we can enable this. There is no limit to what we can do – making bitter taste sweet while reducing sugar, making plant proteins taste and ‘feel’ delicious, supporting vitamin and mineral supplementation in great tasting food.

What is your aspiration?


I want to become an even better flavorist and most of all I want to help fill people’s tummies with healthy and delicious food and drinks. Because when you are full you are happy.

Bipin Khara

Bipin Khara, Master Flavorist, Princeton, Firmenich

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