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Staying at the forefront of creativity is paramount for us. Following our acquisition of Natural Flavors, our California Lab is the next step on our innovation journey to shape the future of natural food and beverages.

Firmenich is at the heart of some exciting lifestyle trends here on the West Coast – a continued movement towards healthy, sustainable foods and beverages that started a few years ago, when investment started shifting from ‘tech’ to the food space. It’s driven by consumers who are very health and planet conscious, demanding food and beverage products that have very specific attributes – Natural, non-GMO, organic, zero sugar, ketogenic and much more, whilst delivering on the taste and product promise. This demand is being met by a new generation of fast-moving brands and entrepreneurs, many with strong sustainability visions and values that closely match our purpose.

We’ve been quick to meet their needs for rapid, end-to-end solutions. They are fast-growing businesses and they expect an ‘open door’ approach from us – quite literally, a product meeting tomorrow could spark research, development and a product launch within 3-4 months. With our new ‘Innovation hub” in Anaheim, California we offer the open, collaborative approach they want. We match their speed-to-market while also adding to their expertise with our unique technologies. In fact, because our team includes everyone from food technologists and flavorists to marketing and sales experts, we offer cutting-edge services well beyond flavor creation.


There’s a dynamic atmosphere here. We’re totally mirroring our customers fast-paced innovation – setting up a Firmenich microsite, engaging our customers’ on social media and creating a mobile lab so we can take our services to them faster. I think we’re also ‘connecting’ for two other important reasons: first, our purpose resonates with them, as does the Firmenich family ethos; second, the acquisitions of Natural Flavors who are so strong in organic certified and our partnership with Layn, leaders in natural sweeteners, gives us solutions that resonate with consumers.


We aim to grow, while also constantly learning. Lots of the product and lifestyle trends that start here, eventually go global, and partnering with these West Coast pioneers gives us first glimpse of new processes and technologies as they emerge, which is incredibly exciting.


Karl Witton, New Ventures, Flavors, Anaheim, California, Firmenich

Karl Witton

Karl Witton

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