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Our Smart Proteins™ solutions enrich the total eating experience. We have used all of our expertise to overcome issues historically associated with plant proteins, including off-notes, bitterness, dryness and texture. Nothing is beyond us, nothing off limits. We can now match the fatty succulence and juiciness of meat proteins in vegetarian and seafood alternatives. We can make plant-based yogurts and smoothies as soft and creamy as their dairy analogues

Laith Wahbi
"Who doesn’t love a cheeseburger? We are part of creating 100% vegan burgers with the same great taste and sizzle."

Laith Wahbi

Director of Savory Portfolio & Technology, Princeton, Firmenich

We are experiencing a seismic shift in global consumption – a food revolution with Firmenich at its heart. We’re enabling and promoting the shift from meat to green and alternative proteins, which must happen to feed a growing global population and sustain the earth’s resources for generations to come.


How are we doing this? By offering a comprehensive portfolio of Smart Proteins™ solutions, initially focused on meat analogues to shift confirmed meat eaters towards the Eat-Lancet recommended flexitarian lifestyle. Moving meat away from the center of the plate.


It’s important to stress just how comprehensive our greenprotein solutions are. They go way beyond taste. Take ‘the burger’ as an example. Using our Smart Proteins™ expertise, we can now recreate the entire burger ‘experience’ – appearance, cooking characteristics, aroma, texture, succulent mouthfeel and taste – using green protein alternatives, all healthy and sustainable.


We create and deliver these solutions to customers and onto consumers through a global network, comprising our R&D center in Geneva, Switzerland, where a lot of the scientific work is done, a center in Vienna where our application team works on specific projects and our four culinary centers worldwide, all of which utilize our collaborative, multi-specialist approach – involving many different experts, from scientists to chefs.


I cannot stress enough how important this work is, given the scale of the food challenge we face – and our purpose clearly positions us to be part of the solution. This is inspiring, exciting and challenging, and I’m confident in our ability to deliver tasty protein solutions. Within just a few years, I think we will see a multitude of plant and alternative protein foods being eaten, not because they mimic meat, but because they’re nutritious and delicious.

Laith Wahbi

Laith Wahbi

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