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Innovators in nutrition, health and beauty. Read more about our new company at or continue here to read more on the incredible solutions and services that we offer.

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Our comprehensive ingredient palette brings endless possibilities


Firmenich is the sugar reduction market leader in portfolio, IP and Innovation. We can offer your brand a world of possibilities with custom solutions to suit the most stringent requirements in taste, quality & regulatory restrictions.

Our sugar reduction scope has expanded to include a large, exclusive sweetener portfolio in Stevia, Monk Fruit, and Sucralose, and we continue to work to bring new exciting developments to our customers worldwide.

Our Portfolio

Pioneers in Sugar Reduction


In 2011, Firmenich was the first flavor company to launch sugar reduction technologies, and we've continued to lead the way in new developments that are advancing the field.

Our goal is to help resolve our customer's taste challenges, and we continue to bring exciting innovation to ensure the best results and performance.


We're moving mountains in sugar reduction


We are very proud to be helping companies and consumers achieve their goals of better health. In 2019 alone, we removed 215,000 metric tons of sugar from food and beverage products, which adds up to over one trillion calories removed from consumer diets.

We're committed to continuing our quest to Make Healthier Taste Great.

Our Commitment

We help balance enjoyment, taste and better nutrition


The role of sugar is complex, and removing it is not simply about replacing sweetness. Regardless of the level of reduction, other formula adjustments will be required to ensure a pleasant taste experience.

As results vary by application, the approach required can be quite nuanced. Our expert technical teams can guide you and help create custom solutions that will help your brand succeed.

Balance Taste and Nutrition

Our team of experts at your disposal


Expertise in sugar reduction takes time to develop, and often project deadlines don't provide the luxury of weeks of experimentation. Our technical experts are on hand to guide you on the best ways to achieve your sugar reduction goals.

Our technologies are designed and delivered with valuable flavor knowhow, in formats that taste great, and are convenient and affordable.

Our Team

Firmenich is synonymous with Trust


Our reputation for integrity in quality and regulatory compliance is something we take seriously. Customers confidently rely on our robust assurance systems to ensure the highest level of quality and safety results.

With a rich 125-year history, our approach is to maintain long term trusted relationships with our growers, suppliers, and business partners to bring consistency and the highest quality.

Renowned for Trust

An Extensive Range of Solutions

Our comprehensive sugar reduction toolkit offers the most expansive range of solutions available. We can help guide you to the most appealing solution for your market, brand, and consumer.


High-Performance Flavor Solutions

TasteGEM® is our market-leading flavor range that combines an optimized blend of flavor, masking, and mouthfeel ingredients.


Integrated Solutions and Single Sweeteners

TastePRINT® Integrated solutions combine proprietary sweetener blends with flavor modulating technology, designed to address the specific taste imperfections of non-nutritive sweeteners.


Taste Optimization Tools

Our ModulaSENSE® flavor range complements our sugar reduction technologies, enabling precise adjustments to modulate overall taste.

ModulaSENSE® specifically targets gaps such as sweetness onset, masking, mouthfeel enhancement, and aftertaste, ensuring an overall enjoyable taste experience.

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