Firmenich Unveils Innovative Collection of All-Natural Citrus Oils Delivering Unique Freshness & Authenticity

Geneva, Switzerland, April 15th, 2021 -

Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned fragrance and taste company, is proud to announce the launch of FreshSlice™, a proprietary, all-natural collection of next-generation citrus oils for flavors. FreshSlice™ delivers unique freshness, juiciness and true-to-fruit taste at a competitive cost.

“Firmenich’s sustained investment in innovation produced high-performance technologies like Durarome™ and Flexarome™ which are well known in the industry for delivering superior taste experiences,” said Amaury Roquette, Vice President Naturals Platform, Creation, Portfolio. “Continuing in this tradition, and to provide customers with differentiated, winning solutions, we have developed FreshSlice™, the next generation in citrus oils.”

Building on the strong consumer demand for clean label and authenticity, FreshSlice™ contains no solvent and is highly concentrated, offering both improved taste and cost-in-use advantages. FreshSlice™ also delivers improved water solubility which creates superior clarity in sparkling beverages and seltzers. FreshSlice™ citrus oils are created using a mild, low thermal extraction technique, thereby minimizing by-products which can affect the taste profile of many flavors.

“Consumers are becoming highly discerning in their preferences, opting for more and more authenticity and complexity in citrus profiles,” said Ari Gastman, Principal Global Citrus Flavorist at Firmenich. “Flavors created with FreshSlice™ taste juicier and fresher with brighter aromatics and true-to-fruit nuances of peel and fruit flesh notes, all of which are pleasing to the taste palate.”
Firmenich’s CiTRUST, a team of talented global flavorists with deep expertise in citrus, are able to create unique, new, authentic, clean label flavors with FreshSlice™ to meet the needs of Consumers around the world.

“The launch of FreshSlice™ is a significant achievement within our Best-In-Class Citrus program,” said Sonia Botta, Vice President Citrus. “Together with our extensive global Citrus network of expert flavorists, application specialists, sensory & consumer insights and knowledgeable regional business teams, we can deliver world-class winning solutions to meet our customer’s needs and suit their consumer’s tastes.”

Learn more about FreshSlice™ and Firmenich’s Citrus capabilities here.


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