Coalition of Sustainable Perfumery talks with VP, Business Development, Sustainability & Naturals Juliette Sicot-Crevet

Juliette Sicot-Crevet, our VP of Business Development, Naturals and Sustainability, was tapped by the Coalition of Sustainable Perfumery (COSP) to participate in a webcast.

The COSP is a network of environmentally and socially conscious creators who through resource sharing, inter-industry relationship building, informed discussion and collaborative accountability seek to create and distribute scent products that are as sustainable for people and the planet as possible.


This conversation is the first of what will be an ongoing dialogue with Firmenich about sustainability in the fragrance industry. Juliette discusses our approach to natural and sustainable fragrance development, as well as the many programs that make Firmenich a leader in responsible business. The webcast explores what co-creation can look like when indie perfumers and industry leaders share a vision for a more sustainable future.


Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about our approach to conscious perfumery!

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Juliette Sicot-Crevet

Juliette Sicot-Crevet

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