Olfactive family
Product type
Natural Specialty
Olfactive description

Woody, ambery, oriental, animalic.

Very intense, warm and ambery.

Perfumery usage

Firmenich created 3 captivating specialties with OUD ASSAFI™ to enlarge the experience of the magic.


Well balanced association of ingredients, some of which are captives, blended together to create an inspiring specialty.
The composition may be a unique technical solution to create natural reconstitutions. They are the result of a close collaboration between Firmenich perfumers and specialists from our Natural Ingredients Center of Expertise.

Did you know ?

SAMRAT means "IMPERIAL" in Indian language.

Aquilaria malaccensis variety has been first registered by Firmenich for use in Perfumery in 2018.


For several generations, our #NaturalsTogether partner Jalali Agarwood has been sustainably extracting the finest Aquilaria malaccensis using time-honored traditional methods, supporting social actions and providing a positive impact on the local community.

Jalali Agarwood and Firmenich share the same vision of responsibility. Because they inherited thousands of mature trees, for every one cut down, Jalali Agarwood plants twenty that will be left untouched for the future generations.