Olfactive family
Violet - Orris
Product type
Essential Oil
Olfactive description

ORRISCIENCE is the perfect balance of all the orris facets: the green top notes gradually give way to amazing violet flowers notes due to irone, leaving behind woody powdery sensuality.

Powdery, floral, green, woody and reminiscent of violet flower.

ORRISCIENCE 8 IRONE shows remarkable performance in composition bringing to light all the reward of traditional orris concrete.

The irones content determines the powdery, warmth and violet profile.

Perfumery usage

Powerful, with long-lasting effect.

Cost effective, it can be used at a higher level than traditional orris extract,to give an incredible luxury signature to the composition.

Orris extracts can be used in perfumery as well as in flavors, especially in red fruit notes such as raspberry.

This ingredient is both convenient for perfumery and flavor applications.


Obtained by distillation of the biomass with water, or steam.
The essential oil is physically separated from the aqueous phase by decantation.

Sourcing countries

China Italy Morocco