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Analytical Chemistry

Meet Alessandro

"I’m an analytical chemist who is fascinated by the world around us. My curiosity and passion have been applied to different fields, such as instrument development, organic geochemistry for oil exploration, doping control for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio 2016, food chemistry, and now flavor and fragrance.



My journey has spanned four countries and three continents and today, as Associate Director in R&D North America, I apply my experience and learning as member of a fantastic team of scientists.


Flavor and fragrance are such an important presence in our lives and analytical chemistry is playing a key role, with a lot of challenging tasks. The way we approach research with a strong, science-driven style galvanizes me. The goal of constantly improving our ingredients, flavors and fragrances with the safest standards and sustainability are really motivating.


Furthermore, Firmenich, if only for the fact that it is among the top fragrance & flavor companies and is privately-owned, is unique! I have been in our community since 2011. All my different roles allowed me to express the best of myself. We are able to excel in highly competitive environments, create inspiring fragrances and tasteful flavors that amaze billions of consumers, with continuous innovation combined with social, environmental and economic sustainability. It’s great to feel inspired every day and be able to make a difference."