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Organic Chemistry

Meet Atulkumar


"Soon after postdoctoral research, I started my career with Firmenich. I had very little knowledge about smell and taste chemistry beforehand and I believed mostly that these characteristics were simply an inherent part of natural resources.  



As an organic chemist my role is to develop processes for perfumery ingredients, optimize an existing pipeline, and support the pilot plant and production by addressing any challenges during scale-up.


Realizing sustainable synthesis really motivates me:  producing an ingredient in a way that makes the chemical process more economical and environmentally benign. For example, exploring ways of making commodity ingredients more cost competitive while keeping in mind green chemistry principles. Chemistry is an experimental science, so it’s important to keep experimenting and exploring without losing confidence. What excites me is to work on perfumery molecules, which end up in use in our routine life. Being a scientist, oddly my favorite experience is to first judge the quality of a perfumery product by its smell, without having fully characterized it!


The most valuable thing I have learned here is to work with the highest Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) standards. By doing so Firmenich is not only caring for our colleagues, but also our families, society and the environment through sustainability. It’s living up to the motto of 'Because We Care' in every way."