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Meet Brooke

"I’m a microbiologist, but I wanted to be a dietician when I started university. In my third year, I met two professors of food microbiology who inspired me so much that I decided not only to change my major into food science, but also to do graduate studies with one of them.



What motivates me is the sense of fulfilment from solving problems and learning new things. I don’t have one single favorite moment. Every time a new method works, when the results support my hypothesis, when a new discovery is made, when results from different disciplines agree with each other and piece together into a nice story – those are the kind of the things that inspire me.


Firmenich has a culture of respect. It respects science—even though projects are business-driven, science here can still remain objective. Firmenich also treats employees with respect. That’s really important to my core values as a scientist."