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Analytical Chemistry

Meet Eric

"I have been with Firmenich for 26 years. Now, as a Principal Scientist in the Analytical Chemistry Group,  I am heading a lab and our main task is to discover new natural taste active compounds. With a background in organic chemistry, I try to combine my passion for chemical structures with my attraction to good food!



Understanding what makes food taste so good fuels my inspiration and motivation. Analysis of natural products, with a wide variety of compounds to be identified, can be very tedious and demands tenacity. However, after a lot of hard work as a team, we always find a clue that makes us see the light. The last steps towards the discovery of the active compound are intensely exciting and we’re very happy when the Flavors division provides good feedback.


When I was a new and young scientist, my first discussions with the then head of R&D convinced me that Firmenich had a high regard for research and for researchers. I still devote much of my time and thought to our research with that early moment in mind."