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"I was born in Cameroon and after my Master’s Degree in Chemistry I moved to Germany to complete a PhD in Organic Chemistry, followed by a Postdoc at the Scripps Research Institute in the United States, working with a Chemistry Nobel Prize laureate. I took on my first job as a Scientist at Senomyx in 2008, which was acquired by Firmenich in 2018.



Today, I am striving to understand how sensory receptors detect and respond to various stimuli and use that knowledge to identify sought-after molecules with uniquely differentiating sensory characteristics.


I have always been obsessed about bringing new things to light. Our science is unbelievably exciting. As a key contributor to the discovery of several products delivered to market, I continue to be energized and fulfilled by the fact that we are enhancing the life of so many. To design and create molecules with specific properties is beyond exciting.


It’s hard to understand the language of nature but when you break through the language barrier, you are presented with a world of possibilities. My most inspirational moments are when I am able to identify the best out of the beautiful things nature created and hid from us.  And my favorite thing here is the culture, which puts human capital at the center of the company’s journey. At a time where the lack of diversity in all critical constructs of our society has become undeniable, I have high hopes that Firmenich will lead the way to building a workplace that reflects the diversity in our society."

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