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Meet Kerstin

"I‘m a biotechnologist, which means in my case using enzymes to do chemistry. Before arriving here, I studied food and biotechnology in Austria, did a postdoctorate in protein crystallography in Scotland and worked as a senior scientist and project manager in biocatalysis in a research centre. 



As a lab head in biocatalysis at Firmenich, I work on the discovery of new enzymes and methods for the biosynthesis of natural flavor and fragrance molecules.


I’m absolutely fascinated by all the things that nature can do, and how we can make use of it without exploiting and destroying it. I am driven by discovering new enzymes and new reactions, and particularly the sustainability of most of the biocatalytic reactions. It’s even more motivating when I see a biotechnological route for a molecule that was developed in my lab moving to production and market launch. I still get excited and cannot wait to see new data from an experiment, for example the first time we use an enzyme for a new molecule. 


At Firmenich I can apply biotechnology for the production of molecules which are used for food flavors, topics that have fascinated me since my studies. Our projects usually are interdisciplinary, not only between different research groups, but including IP, regulatory, and the Flavors and Perfumery divisions. We have so many interesting and inspiring discussions and gain the full picture, from the discovery of a new molecule or production routes all the way to market launch and application."