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Meet Patrick


"When I finished my studies on the perception of pheromones in Geneva, I heard that Firmenich R&D was recruiting for a new venture to better understand how humans perceive smells. A few months and interviews later, I embarked on a one-way trip to New York and joined the small group that built the foundations of the Receptor-Based Discovery (RBD) program.



I now lead the team responsible for screening human odorant receptors, generating data for perfume optimization.


I became passionate about the neuroscience of olfaction during my PhD. Working for the RBD program gave me the opportunity to engage in my passion and apply my knowledge to real world applications. From the start, it felt like working for a start-up given people’s enthusiasm, investment and belief in the project. That’s highly motivating. It also allowed me to keep growing and become a better scientist.


The most exciting part is the exposure to so many great colleagues and gifted scientists in our R&D community. There's a pool of knowledge and capabilities many labs can only dream of. With such diversity, you end up with a holistic view of the challenges at hand and the best shot at solving them. I really appreciate Firmenich’s commitment to take calculated risks like the RBD program. We can see the long-term vision and it creates the dynamic work environment typical of an innovation-driven company. There’s also a sense of belonging that reflects the fact that we work for a family-owned fragrance house."