Process Engineering

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"After completing a Master of Sciences with a specialization in Chemical Development and Production three years ago, I started my career as an assistant scientist at Firmenich. I am part of the Synthesis department in R&D and work on optimizing processes using new technologies in order to increase productivity, efficiency and safety.



We take a long-term view in our Process Engineering & New Technologies group and we try to uncover more efficient, sustainable and safer ways to do chemistry. This way of thinking, the use of new technologies and the strong team spirit, are a huge inspiration and really motivate me. For example, with my team we optimized in the lab a process for an important ingredient for Firmenich, using new technology. After several years of development, the process is in the pilot plant and may be implemented in the production plant soon.


I love the family spirit at Firmenich, which is still very present. The wellbeing of all our colleagues is of huge importance,  as are innovation and sustainability."

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