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Materials Science

Meet Valentina


"I’m curious by nature and I have always been attracted to scientific subjects. After a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Chemistry, I decided to specialize in the chemistry of surfaces and interfaces, with a PhD on particle systems. 



My studies brought me through four countries and two continents, and now I am a research scientist in the materials science division, working on the development of delivery technologies for home care and body care.


My love of gathering data, finding patterns and learning and extracting information from them fuels my daily enjoyment of work. On a bigger scale, I am driven by the idea of leveraging science and technology to create something innovative, that might reach the homes of millions of people worldwide, all while keeping sustainability and respect for the environment at the center of our work.  


What most inspires me about science is, ironically, when science proves me wrong. We start out with ideas and hypotheses and through our experiments we might find that things are different, and this in turn opens up tons of new possibilities and solutions. I love these moments, when your synapses “fire-up” and you get to a new level of understanding about a subject.


Materials science at Firmenich is truly multidisciplinary, a crossroads of different expertise and points of view that results in a dynamic and creative atmosphere. I love the daily exchanges with my colleagues and the collaborative nature of the projects, which allow me to continuously learn and grow while contributing to something meaningful (and fun!)."