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Insect Control

Meet Vincent


"After my PhD, I had the opportunity to travel to different countries as a post-doctorate researcher and build up my expertise. Thanks to that, I developed a passion for applied science and came to specialize in chemical ecology — how to modify arthropod behaviors using odor and taste stimuli — and worked on alternative pest control solutions before joining Firmenich in 2018.



My goal is to transcend the value of Fragrance & Flavors ingredients beyond their traditional use. Indeed, as an Associate Director, Insect Control, I regard them as wonderful materials to develop alternative strategies to combat pests in a more sustainable way. For example, by repelling them and/or attracting them to baited traps instead of using pesticides to kill them. This development work is totally aligned with our strong commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Firmenich has a wonderful and highly regarded R&D division that allows us to become pioneers, and not followers. Thanks to the strength of our multidisciplinary group of talented scientists, we are tackling the challenging issue of insect control. In addition, our privileged relationship with major B2C companies helps accelerate the implementation of these innovative solutions and access for everyone throughout the world.


As a result, we are driving the future, by developing innovative solutions to protect ourselves in a more sustainable way against the increasing threats caused by pests."