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We have been pioneering unique and impactful synthetics that empower creators since 1895, including florals, musks, ambers, woods, and greens. Many of these represent iconic milestones in our industry.


For many years, we have fused our expertise in biotechnology with green chemistry principles to discover new molecules and develop innovative production processes that minimize our environmental footprint. We are extending our legacy for the benefit of perfumers and flavorists, customers, consumers and planet Earth.

“Nature is a much better chemist than we can ever be – it helps us decide what molecules to make and how to make them.”

Maud Reiter



What does it take to create an iconic molecule responsibly?


Our fast-growing list of iconic molecules is the cornerstone of Firmenich’s success. Many of our historical breakthroughs are still success stories – continuously improved to exceed current safety and sustainability standards. And we are consistently delivering new "firsts." 


Creating every Firmenich molecule is a technical and aesthetic challenge – involving collaboration between our scientists, creators, regulators and other specialists. On average we screen and rigorously test more than 2,000 new molecules every year, of which only three or four are finally approved and added to our fragrance and taste creative palettes.


Developing your portfolio of renewable and responsible synthetics? We can help you out.


A century of iconic molecules to entice and excite


For 125 years, we have been pioneers in our industry. Every breakthrough we make leads to another – always with less impact on our planet and always more renewable.

Eco Ingredient Compass


Committed to transparency


Pioneering extraordinary ingredients sustainably is at the heart of our approach to innovation. Making a positive impact is integral to our vision of the science of the future.


Our EcoIngredient Compass™ enables our customers to evaluate the intrinsic qualities of every Firmenich molecule transparently and accurately through the lenses of renewable carbon, biodegradability and a green chemistry score. This innovative tool was inspired by EcoScent Compass™, which we already use for fragrance compositions.


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Green Chemistry principle 7


These ingredients contain more than 50% carbon from renewable sources.


ISO 16128


Green Chemistry principle 10


Ingredients that are biodegradable

     Readily (≥60% within 28 days AND from 10 to 60% within 10 days)

     Ultimately (≥60% within 60 days)

     Partially (20 to 60% within 60 days)

OECD guidelines


Principles 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 & 12


This ratio covers most of the remaining Green Chemistry Principles.

Regroups the measure of:

     Carbon atom economy

     Importance of catalysis steps

     Hazardousness, covering all aspects 

“We create our molecules following green chemistry principles to maximize efficiency and minimize their impact on health and the environment.”

Gilles Oddon



Leading the biotechnology revolution


Firmenich is delivering multiple benefits through biotechnology: exceptional ingredients from sustainable sources, new ways to produce complex molecules using renewable processes, plus the capacity to find unknown compounds or create entirely new naturals.


Since 2014 we have pioneered many amazing breakthroughs, and now we are accelerating them to transform how we operate. They include reading and writing DNA, AI and machine learning, supercomputer data analysis and modeling.


We are proud of our growing palette of renewable biotech solutions and truly excited about the future. 

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Leading the renewable carbon revolution


With the acquisition of DRT (Les Derivés Resiniques et Terpeniques) in 2020 Firmenich has become a leader in the development of high-quality, renewable and naturally-derived ingredients.


With access to sustainable raw materials, best-in-class extraction and distillation capabilities and highly innovative processes, our chemists have everything they need to create breakthrough renewable ingredients for perfumery and many other applications.


Our strong business model is based on supply chain integration.


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