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Leading an Industry revolution

We are leading an industry revolution that has its roots in natural fermentation processes  humans have used for centuries. Updated for the 21st century, this science is delivering new solutions for our customers and reinforces our ability to respond to growing demand for sustainable products  -- now and in the future.


Firmenich has mastered biotechnology in-house for more than two decades, utilizing microorganisms such as yeasts to produce flavor and fragrance ingredients. We do this in two distinct ways: fermentation and biocatalysis. Today, we are recognized as industry leaders in this fast-moving field.


Groundbreaking Products

Firmenich biotechnologists have built on our unique multidisciplinary approach to deliver a sequence of groundbreaking ingredients that make the difference for our customers. From Clearwood® in 2014 to Dreamwood® in 2020, our succession of landmark biotech ingredients all carry strong biodegradable, renewable credentials.


Sustainable Processes

All of these value-adding molecules are created using processes that rely on renewable carbon. Our scientists are increasing the content of bio-sourced carbon in our molecules and constantly strive to avoid resource-intensive processes. This focus on sustainability is a key benefit, as more customers and consumers demand products that are increasingly beneficial for climate, nature and people. Our investment in biotechnology and drive for innovation make Firmenich a great place for ambitious biotechnologists to be right now.


Process Engineering

We are setting new benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability as we transform our discoveries into customer products.

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