The new era of conscious perfumery

We are living a new reality where delightful fragrances are aligned with the notions of trust and respect. We leverage the best of Nature and Science, at the service of Social and Environmental impact. Our new era of Conscious Perfumery is bold, transparent and generous.


Reinventing fragrance design


Our unique, five-step program harnesses the incredible potential of natural and sustainable fragrances in one comprehensive solution. 

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EcoScent Compass™

EcoScent Compass™ is the industry's first holistic fragrance sustainability measurement tool

Conscious Consumer

Understanding and engaging

Our worldwide program captures and quantifies consumer perception, attitude and understanding of the top four progressive values: environment, social purpose, transparency and health & wellbeing.

Conscious Consumer

Corporate Purpose

For Good, Naturally

We continuously find innovative ways to create positive emotions and accelerate positive change, for the good of the planet, people and society. It's in our DNA to respect nature, care about people and act on climate change.

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