BOTANICAL Mentha piperita
CAS# 0008006904
FEMA# 2848
Organoleptic family
Mint And Herbs
Product type
Essential Oil
Recommended tasting dosage
50 ppm
Taste Descriptors

Round intense mint profile with complementary hay lactonic and floral notes.


Originally grown mainly in the north-western states of Oregon and Washington, American Peppermints now also grow in Idaho, Indiana and Michigan. American mint earns a high reputation for the quality of its Peppermints, usually considered as far superior to Indian qualities. Mint is grown in large irrigated fields, mechanically harvested and distilled in containers.
This very efficient supply chain has allowed American Mints to remain competitive although production has gradually decreased over the past ten years.
With its own mint unit in Oregon (Essex), Firmenich is at the heart of fields, in a constant process of selecting new hybrids to enrich its palette, a program unique in the world. Essex also focuses on growing mint and producing essential oils with processes that respect the environment, such as energy efficient distillation and water-saving irrigation techniques specific to the landscape of the particular farms.

Benefits in use

Powerful, competitive price, mint signature.
At a low dosage, it enhances the perception of sweetness and mouthfeel

Did you know ?

Extracted part: leaves.
This essential oil has been designed with our unique and game-changing research, as part of our breakthrough partnership with Essex Laboratories.
This ingredient is both convenient for perfumery and flavor applications.

Sourcing countries

United States