BOTANICAL Citrus aurantium
CAS# 0008016384
FEMA# 2771


Certified Origin
Organoleptic family
Flowery Notes
Product type
Essential Oil
Recommended tasting dosage
5 ppm
Taste Descriptors

Floral fresh green and rooty notes


In Morocco, Firmenich sources Orange Flower extracts mostly from its partner #NaturalsTogether, a leading actor of Orange flowers products, fully integrated on this crop which ensures quality and that works with a strong sense of responsibility for people and nature.

To produce Firmenich annual consumption, we estimate that more than 1500 women are picking orange flowers on the trees during 15 to 20 days from end of March to mid-April. Yet, as this short harvest is competing with other local activities, it is a challenge for Firmenich supplier to ensure enough pickers for its collect.

Together with its #NaturalsTogether partner and a local NGO, Firmenich is engaging long term actions in the Dar Belamri area, the traditional area for orange flower harvest in Morocco. The objective is to improve women pickers’ livelihoods with additional revenues, which will also contribute to ensure their dedication for orange flower harvest.

Benefits in use

Very interesting to impart a natural effect in pip fruits such as peach and apricot.
It can also be used in tea flavors and in various citrus notes

Did you know ?

Extracted part of the plant: flowers.
1.5 million flowers app. harvested in 1 Kg.
1000 Kg of flowers app to produce 1 Kg of essence (approx 1.5 million flowers)
5-7 Kg of flowers app harvested per day per person.
Standard yield: 0.08-0.13%

Sourcing countries