BOTANICAL Rosa damascena
CAS# 0008007010
FEMA# 2988
Certified Origin
Organoleptic family
Flowery Notes
Product type
Recommended tasting dosage
5 ppm
Taste Descriptors

Floral green metallic


Turkey has been the main producer of Rosa Damascena for quite a few years, with a crop that usually is somewhat larger than in Bulgaria.
Turkey started rose extraction in the 1920’s with people emigrating from Bulgaria after independence.
The successful growing area is around the city of Isparta, north of Antalya, where dozens of villages have been growing roses.

Because of the competition of Bulgarian rose oil, Turkish producers have given priority to extraction producing concrete and absolute, both products are produced on a large scale. Usually, because of the important distances between collection points and factories, rose flowers start to ferment in the bags before distillation, giving Turkish rose oil a distinct “jam” facet which differentiates from Bulgarian notes freshness.

Firmenich work with its #NaturalsTogether partner consists in a reflection about the economic balance of the flower price, an integrated production and a traditional production in villages.

Benefits in use

Useful for lemon and tropical fruits

Did you know ?

Extracted part: flowers.
350 flowers app. harvested in 1 Kg.
300 000 flowers app. to produce 1 Kg of absolute.
800 kg of flowers are necessary to obtain 1 Kg of absolute.
This ingredient is both convenient for perfumery and flavor applications.

Sourcing countries