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“The secret of our success is no secret: we put creativity first, with our perfumers in the center. We give them the most innovative and beautiful ingredients and build an industry-leading team of passionate professionals around them.”

Jerry Vittoria

President, Global Fine Fragrances


RE|CREATE with perfumers, creators and ideators


Inspired by nature’s beauty, science’s promise and human emotion,  we constantly re|think our relationship with history, the natural environment and each other.


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RE|IMAGINE the future of fine fragrance


We combine our market intelligence, olfactive wisdom and proactive vision to understand our customers’ needs. We provide the insights, ideas and activations they need to re|invent fine fragrances  that fulfil consumers’ current desires.  


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Villa Botanica

Natural ingredients and innovation

“My calling as a perfumer is rooted in my love of natural raw materials; I need to pick the flowers, crumple the leaves, smell the first fruits of each season. The Villa Botanica possesses the virtue of tradition and the passion of creative excellence: listening, smelling, creating, innovating and sharing.”

- Fabrice Pellegrin, Principal Perfumer, Director of Natural Product Innovation

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Villa Botanica

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