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MASTER Perfumer

Nathalie Lorson



“The simplest formulas are the most difficult to create, but they can also translate into fragrances which have the most unique character."

Home: Paris, France

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Nathalie Lorson

Fine Fragrance Creations




Nathalie Lorson creates for and with other people. To her, creativity is an act of generosity, dependent on the exchange of ideas in order to share and express emotions. Undoubtedly a Master of her art, she nevertheless remains humble, often avoiding the limelight. Her greatest rewards are the ‘brief encounters’ she has when passing a stranger wearing one of her compositions. 


She explains. “I don’t do this work for myself. The real goal is to touch people. People often ask me if I have created my own personal fragrance – but that doesn’t interest me at all! I am not the focus of this work. I think about creating for someone else, for someone specific. I am not a movie star, not a painter who poses next to her canvas. In fact, I am more like an author who disappears behind her own words.” 


Sensibility and perseverance are at the heart of her work. “I am a goldminer searching  for nuggets. We find lots of gold dust, but not many gold nuggets! ” Nathalie’s dynamism is remarkable, allowing her to juggle many projects at once. Her office bursts at the seams with project folders, every shelf overflowing with her creations. 


She wishes to create simple yet resonant fragrances in which each ingredient is selected for its quality, at the perfect dosage, to maximize the beauty of the final creation. She often quotes the author Antoine de Saint- Exupery: “Perfection is achieved – not when there is nothing else to add but when there is nothing else to take away.”