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Going beyond gender equality​

Gender equality is at the heart of our strategy for achieving equity in our policies and practices, and essential for leadership development, talent recruitment and selection, as well as retention.​

We have a long-standing commitment to equal pay for equal work. Every year, a statistical gender pay analysis is performed to ensure no gender pay gap exists around the world.​

Since 2018, we have been globally certified as gender equal by EDGE. Through its rigorous standards, EDGE rewards our continuous progress in expanding diverse representation at all levels.

Going beyond gender equality​

Achieving a living wage​

Ensuring that our colleagues can afford a decent standard of living, by earning a living wage, is a critical step toward strengthening our equitable culture. In June 2022, we were proud to announce that we have achieved our objective of 100% living wage across the Group.​

Firmenich is one of only two companies in the world, and the first in our industry, to be globally Living Wage Certified by Fair Wage Network, a widely recognized international NGO.


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Differently-abled colleagues​


In FY2022, Firmenich Paris became the latest affiliate to launch a three-year program that aims to recruit people with different abilities and maintain the employability of those people.​

LGBT+ inclusion​


Be Yourself

In June 2022 , more than 400 participants around the world joined in listening and learning from our LGBTQIA+ colleagues and allies. Under the slogan “Be Yourself”, we actively support the LGBTQIA+ community. ​

Stonewall Diversity program

In May 2022, we joined the Stonewall Diversity program, a community of over 900 employers.​
We aim to collaborate with and learn from our peers to keep us at the cutting edge of diversity practices.​​

Commitment Charter

In May 2022, Firmenich Paris signed L'Autre Cercle's LGBT+​ “Commitment Charter". It provides a formal framework for the LGBTQIA+ theme by including it in a policy to promote diversity and prevent discrimination.​​​

Bronze employer

Firmenich India was recognized as a "Bronze" employer for the India Workplace Equality Index (IWEI) in 2021.​

Caring about People

We care for every person touched in any way by our business, from farmers to consumers. Caring about people starts by ensuring their fundamental human rights.​