Leading in Diversity & Inclusion

Thriving through our differences


We welcome differences across physical and cultural boundaries, lifestyles and management styles.  This openness makes our teams creative powerhouses and positions us to respond to the needs of our customers around the world.


We are diverse
We actively focus on attracting a diverse group of talent reflecting the world we live in and the customers and consumers we serve.

We aim to be truly inclusive 
Our culture is respectful, fair and fosters a sense of belonging to drive growth, wellbeing and innovation. 

Being a role model
We make an impact beyond Firmenich by integrating diversity & belonging in our value chain with our suppliers, stakeholders and in the communities where we operate. 


Leading in Diversity & Belonging is a journey with no end destination.


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Caring about people

From the farmers and workers in our supply chains to our colleagues, customers and consumers – people are at the heart of everything we do, and we care for every person touched in any way by our business. Caring about people starts by ensuring their fundamental human rights.

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