sustainability strategy



globally with the highest standards of governance, ethics and transparency


100% of our products with a measurable improved social and environmental impact


the environment, biodiversity and people through impactful science and innovation



In Conscious Perfumery


In Diet Transformation


In Renewable Ingredients

Acting on climate change

Our Climate Commitments

  • Carbon Positive in our Operations
  • Water Neutral in water stressed areas
  • Zero Waste to Landfill
  • 100% Renewable Electricity
  • 100% Plastic Recycled
  • 100% Renewable Fragrances
    (ISO 16128*)
Embracing nature

Our Nature Commitments

  • Committed to Regenerative Agriculture
  • 70% Renewable Ingredients
  • 90% Certified Terpenes & Resins
  • 99% Ultimately or Partially Biodegradable Ingredients in our Fragrance Portfolio
Caring about People

Our People Commitments

  • Protect Human Rights
  • No Gender Pay Gap
  • No Ethnic Pay Gap
  • 100% Living Wage
  • +50% of Senior Leaders are diverse
  • Safety: Total Recordable Case (TRC) rate below 0.20

Our Guide

ESG Ambitions 2030

We started our sustainability journey in 1991 with the signature of the International Chamber of Commerce's first Business Charter for Sustainable Development. Our future still depends on our ability to innovate responsibly while building on our timeless values and our legacy of sustainability leadership.


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