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we create fragrances and flavors for the world's most desirable brands, Join us!

Around the world, every day, with their know-how, expertise and passion,
it is Firmenich’s people who make the difference.

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what we value the most

Industry Leader in Research and Innovation

what we offer Industry Leader in Research and Innovation

We lead our industry in research and innovation, capturing breakthrough ideas from around the world. Our flavor and fragrance creation is based on proprietary knowledge and developed by our teams of scientists, perfumers and flavorists. These teams connect via our innovation platform with our colleagues specialized in taking new ideas through to production via our global supply chain. Each year, Firmenich invests 10% of revenues in research and innovation, reflecting our continuous desire to understand, share and extract the best of nature’s offering.

Passion for Technology

what we offer Passion for Technology

The richness of nature, the boundless curiosity of our scientists and recent advances in chemistry, biology, and neuroscience are opening new avenues in the creation of fragrances and flavors of the future. Capitalizing on the most advanced analytical and biological methods, and the use of “green” process chemistry, we have become the leading supplier of unique materials to our customers and competitors.

Creative Mindset

WHAT WE OFFER Creative Mindset

We create fragrances and flavors that inspire our customers and consumers worldwide. Creative, talented, curious and expert best describe our flavorists and perfumers. Their valuable contribution is to develop creative tonalities and solutions that reflect consumer preferences and product constraints, thus combining passion, art and practical technical knowledge. Visionary creativity is our essence.

Industry Awards and Nobel Prize

WHAT WE OFFER Industry Awards and Nobel Prize

At Firmenich we believe it is important to encourage gifted scientists. Since our lifelong collaboration with Professor Leopold Ruzicka, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1939 and Firmenich’s first Research Director, we have continued to foster research partnerships with outside institutions and leading universities around the world. The Firmenich Flavor and Fragrance Science Award was launched in 2000 in cooperation with the "Flavour and Fragrance Journal," John Wiley & Sons, and is granted annually.

Always a step ahead competition with breakthrough industrial innovations, Firmenich remains the recognized worldwide leader in its industry. This spirit of excellence can be seen in many fields such as Supply Chain services, HS&E or new molecules used for our flavors and fragrances innovation.

Our Products

What we offer Our Products

We have created many of the world’s favorite perfumes for over 100 years and produced a number of the most loved flavors. The challenge today is not finding good new products, it’s identifying exceptional ones. As a leading player in our industry, our expertise goes beyond smell and taste: it is the sum of our peoples' passions and knowledge that allows us to create the best solutions for our customers’ products.

Collaboration and Team spirit

What we offer Collaboration and Team spirit

We create a corporate mindset where every employee is trusted, valued, empowered and encouraged to grow. Firmenich employees flourish in this positive atmosphere, which fosters cross-discipline collaboration ensuring the collective success. With a responsible freedom to act, employees embrace and live our organization values, daily and always in whatever they do. This way of working attracts the finest talents and encourages a team spirit. Individuals are nurturing themselves through cross-departmental and functional projects allowing them to increase their competencies and knowledge for mutual success.

Work-Life Balance and the Work Environment

What we offer Work-Life Balance and The Work Environment

Firmenich believes in a work-life balance and therefore offers flexible work arrangements that are valued and enjoyed by our employees. These practices are implemented progressively to allow our employees to effectively manage multiple responsibilities at home, work and in the community. This is beneficial not only for our staff but for the business, as well, by attracting and retaining the right talent. We find that happy employees improve engagement and productivity.

Employees are excited to work in an ever changing and multi-generational environment which respects individual cultures and motivations.

Diversity and Inclusion

What we offer Diversity and Inclusion

We value the diversity of our people, believing that our talent base is a source of creativity and innovation. Diversity and inclusion are integral to our culture and to the success of our business. These principles foster an innovative and collaborative work environment, and help drive progress. To underscore this philosophy, Firmenich’s principles are outlined in a written policy to ensure that there is no discrimination in career advancement because of any employee’s culture, nationality, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or creed.

Leadership, Training and Development

What we offer Leadership, Training and Development

People are at the heart of Firmenich. Each employee has talent, and we want each individual to reach his or her full potential. An employee’s career evolves thanks to different and efficient process and tools like annual reviews, talent management programs, classroom and on-the-job training, competency-based assessment tools, leadership assessments, regular feedback, cross-functional transfers and career evolution building blocks. Coaching and mentoring programs are provided by senior management and external professionals to employees to support their integration and development. This is not only for technical skills required but also for leadership training and people management.

Rewards and Recognition

What we offer Rewards and Recognition

Our compensation philosophy is designed to enable us to attract, motivate and retain the finest talents. Our employees are rewarded for their contribution to business results. This is achieved through competitive Base Salary, Variable Compensation plans such as Profit Sharing (PRIME) and an enviable set of benefits. Compensation plans and rewards are transparent, simple to understand and published internally to all employees. We also provide tools for recognition that can either be used by the managers or by colleagues to recognize and value the outstanding performance of others.

We Anticipate Consumer Desires

What we offer We Anticipate Consumer Desires

Our people roll up their sleeves to better understand the consumer: from washing laundry in India, to understanding lavatory and hygiene issues in Africa, to market research for fine fragrance trends on the streets of Paris. Our in-depth research into consumers’ behaviors and preferences enables us to anticipate their desires and fulfill them with products we create for our customers. Understanding the consumer is central to what we do.

Working Closely with our Customers

What we offer Working Closely with our Customers

We literally work side-by-side with many of our customers to develop bespoke innovation and breakthrough products. From our perfumers and flavorists working closely with our customers’ technicians to designing product launches and marketing campaigns, we are determined to support our customers’ growth and success.

Throughout our long heritage, we have won a number of the most prestigious awards in the business, including from industry bodies, segment categories such as Fine Fragrance, our customers, regulatory and safety bodies, governance and ethics councils as well as corporate social responsibility institutes and sustainability councils. We value all of these awards because they demonstrate the contribution we deliver to our stakeholders and notably to our customers. Customer intimacy is our hallmark.

Partnering with our Customers

What we offer Partnering with our Customers

We believe in the power of collaboration and that includes with our customers. At times, we combine our efforts and talents with those of our customers to achieve more. The purpose is to do more than either can do alone. We pursue this in innovation, social responsibility and sustainability programs.

A Winning Combination of Products and Services

What we offer A Winning Combination of Products and Services

We fragrance some of the world’s most desirable brands in perfumes, body and home care. We create flavors for the world’s tastiest brands that are present in beverages, sweet goods and savory foods. Our ingredients, either extracted from nature or created by our scientists, bring taste and originality to every product. The success of our customers’ products in the market excites us.

Listening to our Customers

What we offer Listening to our Customers

As we love to improve our offer at every stage, aiming to constantly understand our customers’ needs and wishes, we run factual and independent surveys, demonstrating that we are very often our customers’ preferred partner.


What we offer Privately-Owned

Firmenich was founded in 1895 in Geneva, Switzerland, and has remained independent, building on that original entrepreneurial vigor and pioneering spirit. Today we are the world’s largest, private company in the fragrance and flavor industry. Our independence gives us the freedom to control our destiny and make the right choices.

The Freedom to Take Risks

What we offer The Freedom to Take Risks

Being a privately-owned company Firmenich has a history of taking risks, which can lead to innovation and breakthroughs. We have often been a frontrunner in the field of discovery because of this entrepreneurial attitude. We encourage this pursuit of innovation at every level of the company, as we know that it is essential to bring the best to our customers.

Our Entrepreneurial Mindset

What we offer Our Entrepreneurial Mindset

Firmenich’s consistent investment in R&D testifies to our desire to understand and reinvent the best of what nature has to offer in the realm of smell and taste. Our role is to provide solutions for our customers and respond rapidly and efficiently to the evolution of consumer needs in varied markets. This means giving recommendations throughout the development process - even after the product has been delivered.

Heritage and the Long View

What we offer Heritage and The Long View

Our ‘Fundamentals’, or core values, guide our every action, enabling us to remain true to ourselves and make a difference in an ever-changing world. Our independence gives us the freedom to control our destiny. We are a family-owned company, committed to our independence. We take a long-term view of our business and pursue a policy of financial strength, profitable growth and return on assets.

Global Reach

What we offer Global Reach

We operate in, and across, five continents and employ more than 6,500 individuals. All together, at last count our employees proudly represented 83 different nationalities, which makes Firmenich a diverse, multinational company with a global perspective.

Integrity and Ethical Values

What we offer Integrity and Ethical Values

While our Fundamentals have not changed, as these core values reflect our principles, their expression has been adapted over time to ensure each employee can continue to identify with them and to use them as a guide in their daily professional lives. Sustainability is one of the five pillars of our Fundamentals, which confirms our belief that our sense of individual and collective responsibility ensures our long-term success.

Industry Leaders in Sustainability

What we offer Industry Leaders in Sustainability

Sustainability has long been embedded in Firmenich’s business strategy, including the signing of The Business Charter for Sustainable Development (1991), The World Safety Declaration (2007), the UN Global Compact, UN CEO Water Mandate (2008) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (2014).

Our company was the first in the flavor and fragrance industry to publish an Annual Sustainability report, back in 2006. Firmenich’s leadership in sustainability was recognized through different awards as the Sustainable Business Award 2011; Social Responsibility & Sustainability Award and Sustainability Leadership Award in the World Corporate Social Responsibility Congress in Mumbai, among others.

Find out more in our Sustainability Section

High Standards in Quality, Safety and Environment

What we offer High Standards in Quality, Safety and Environment

Firmenich is committed to provide to our customers with the highest standards of quality and product safety. In our plants, offices and labs, safety always come first. The protection of our employees is the top priority. In October 2012, Firmenich won the international Robert W. Campbell Award, the highest and most prestigious safety award any organization can achieve globally.

Find out more in our Sustainability Section

The Well-being of Present and Future Generations

What we offer The Well-being of Present and Future Generations

Firmenich is committed to behaving ethically and sustainably, to improving the quality of the life of our workforce and their families, as well as of the local community and society at large. Furthermore, we are dedicated to a development program that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Responsible business is anchored in long-term understanding.

Find out more in our Sustainability Section

Global Community Day

What we offer Global Community Day

During Global Community Day every Firmenich employee has the chance to dedicate his or her time to improve the quality of life in their local community across the globe. In 2013 the theme was “Sustainability - Empowering Women."

Almost 30% of our employees all over the world took part in more than 130 initiatives and projects in most of our affiliates. In 2014 we celebrated 10 years of this program and continued to support children, nature and women.

Find out more in our Sustainability Section



We fragrance and flavor our customers’ products for our mutual success.

  • We listen to our customers and transform their ambitions into reality.
  • We anticipate consumer desires, continually reinventing the world of smell and taste.
  • We deliver the winning combination of products, service and value for money, placing authority and accountability close to our customers.


People are the heart of our Company. They are recognized for their passion, talent and integrity.

  • We create an environment in which each employee is valued, empowered and encouraged to grow.
  • We value the diversity and commitment of our people, enabling us to shape our future with confidence and imagination.
  • We unite the finest talents and encourage an entrepreneurial team spirit to attain our strategic goals.


Creativity is our essence.

  • We create fragrances and flavors that inspire our customers and consumers worldwide.
  • We lead our industry in research & innovation, capturing breakthrough ideas around the world.
  • We constantly strive to discover new ways to improve all that we do.


Our sense of individual and collective responsibility ensures our longterm success.

  • We strictly maintain the highest level of personal integrity and ethical values.
  • We practice a sustainable business model for the well-being of present and future generations.
  • We adopt the strictest international standards on quality, safety and the environment.


Our independence gives us the freedom to control our destiny.

  • We are a family-owned company, committed to our independence.
  • We take a long-term view of our business.
  • We pursue a policy of financial strength, profitable growth and return on assets.


We are constantly looking for talented and motivated new employees who can contribute to the success of our company.

If you are looking to grow your potential in a passionate, entrepreneurial and value-based company take a look at Firmenich’s employment opportunities.
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