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SOURCING, INNOVATION, CREATIVITY a unique and sustainable business model

Nature is the most powerful, subtle and delicate innovation factory.

Leveraging our technical expertise and our commitment to responsible sourcing, we develop exceptional ingredients to inspire Perfumers and Flavorists, and please consumers around the world while preserving our planet’s precious resources.


Firmenich’s dedicated global team of expert buyers builds fair, secure, and long-term partnerships with key agricultural producers at the source.
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From innovation to development and industrial-scale production, our scientists, perfumers and flavorists are mastering a key pillar of Firmenich’s uniqueness: combining our knowledge of traditional processes with the most advanced state-of-the-art technology.


Nature is an eternal source of inspiration. Our perfumers and flavorists are on an ongoing quest for new botanicals and ways of extraction, underpinned by a passion for natural ingredients.

A responsible journey For outstanding ingredients


#NATURALSTOGETHERTM is an initiative led by Firmenich that brings together many of the world’s best natural ingredients suppliers to shape the future of Naturals.

#NATURALSTOGETHERTM is captured in a series of films.

Embark on a journey to discover the most beautiful natural ingredients for Fragrance and Flavors, the communities who grow them and the creators who bring them to life.
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“Our presence in Grasse in France and Tamil-Nadu in India allow us to discover and source the most beautiful natural products.
Applying our technical mastery to these precious naturals yields breathtaking ingredients.”

Fabrice Pellegrin, Perfumer


“Our Naturals are at the crossroad of tradition, technology and human culture from around the world. Firmenich’s large portfolio reflects our capabilities in these three areas.
It gives endless technical and creative potential, to bring differentiation, complexity and a story to my creations.”

Brigitte Pellen, Flavorist


“The use of natural ingredients is essential to inspire the flavorist’s creativity. Our unparallel palette of natural ingredients is essential and offers a kind of magic tool box to give our creations a unique signature.”

Andy Matthews, Flavorist


“Visiting our Natural Production sites, I always feel like I’m in an iconic environment. It is in such a place that I recognize the quintessence of my craft, its very soul, which I try to convey through my creations.”

Harry Fremont, Master Perfumer
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