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#NATURALSTOGETHERTM is an initiative led by Firmenich that brings together many of the world’s best natural ingredients suppliers to shape the future of Naturals.

#NATURALSTOGETHERTM is captured in a series of films.

Embark on a journey to discover the most beautiful natural ingredients for Fragrance and Flavors, the communities who grow them and the creators who bring them to life.

NATURALS TOGETHER Shaping the Future

At Firmenich, we partner with some of the best naturals producers worldwide from Indonesia to Guatemala, all the way to Italy and Madagascar. Working hand in hand, we are addressing some of the most critical challenges in agriculture and exchanging innovative ideas to shape the future of naturals, together.

Together, we are sustainably preserving the diversity of our portfolio and promoting the future of naturals for our customers and our creators.

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The Firmenich Center of Excellence for Naturals in Grasse receives sustainably- sourced raw materials from around the world.

Our innovation and production teams then work closely with our Master Perfumers and Flavorists to develop and produce the world’s most pristine extracts for our customers’ creations.

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Chapter 9 Seafood

In Ålesund, Norway, we have been working with our partners for generations to harvest the sea sustainably.

Working together, we are committed to offering only the freshest and best quality of seafood extracts and flavors, while protecting the sea’s natural resources for generations to come.

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Oud is a mythical ingredient with an ancient history, originating in from the Sylthet region in Bangladesh. The earliest references of oud come from this region, found in the Sanskrit texts published in 1500 BC. Our partner, Jalali Agarwood has been sustainably growing and producing oud in this region for decades, ensuring that the trade of the wood and oils benefits the social needs of the local community and provides a positive impact.

Through this partnership, we are joining our legacies to preserve oud for generations to come, and create the highest qualities of oud oils for our creators and our customers.

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Our partnership with Essex Labs, in Washington, allows us to design and develop the best qualities of Peppermint and Spearmint. Together, we create and grow tailor-made mint varieties, producing essential oils with processes that respect the environment.

This partnership brings together outstanding innovation and traditional farming, sustainably ensuring guaranteed volumes of the ultimate quality mints for our creators and our customers.

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The process of making vanilla can be compared to crafting diamonds. Vanilla flowers must be pollinated by hand, each step of the process completed with care to ensure the highest quality vanilla.

Through our partnership with Authentic Products in Madagascar, we are improving daily life in the Savanille farming communities by guaranteeing fair and timely compensation and by supporting major health and education projects. This allows farmers to fully focus on providing the best vanilla in the world for our creators and customers.

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In partnership with Agri-Supply Co. in Debouchette, Haiti, we have developed long-term relationships with vetiver growers, positively impacting their lives.

Through a trust built over the years, our partnership ensures that we can provide the necessary quantities and the ultimate quality of vetiver for all of our creators and customers, while offering farmers both educational and medical facilities that make a real difference on a daily basis.

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Indonesian farmers were discouraged from growing patchouli due to significant price fluctuations.

Together with Indesso, our long-time partner, we are working directly with farmers and listening to their needs and concerns. The result is that farmers receive a consistent and fair price to secure their livelihoods while delivering sustainable quantities and the highest quality patchouli oil for our creators and customers.

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Rose harvesting is a deep-seated tradition in South of France. In Grasse, Firmenich is one of the largest purchasers of Rose Centifolia, one of the most treasured varieties used in the production of rose extracts.

Firmenich is committed both to keeping the tradition of rose cultivation alive and to local partnerships which ensure sustainable quantities and the ultimate quality of Rose Absolute for our creators and customers.

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Flowers are an important part of daily life in India. Our joint venture with Jasmine Concrete Exports, the leader in Indian florals, enables us to source the world’s most exquisite naturals.

Together we work directly with a network of over 800 local farmers growing jasmine in Tamil Nadu, ensuring them an improved standard of living while delivering the necessary quantities and the ultimate quality for our creators and customers.

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Deep in the Amazon Forest, the skilled locals of the Brazilian Reserva Extrativista Riozinho do Anfrísio expertly harvest copaiba resin. They extract the woody, green and spicy oil without harming the plants’ growth, using a process known as ‘drilling’.

Firmenich maintains long-term partnerships with these communities to positively impact their lives. Buying from them directly, Firmenich ensures that they receive a fair income while protecting the rainforest.
Through this partnership, we ensure sustainable quantities and the highest quality Copaiba oil for our creators and customers.

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Firmenich sources around 150 raw materials from more than 40 different countries. As a recognized thought leader in sustainability, we have long been dedicated to supporting our sourcing team with implementing responsible sourcing.

This secures the future of suppliers, their environments and their communities, such as our joint venture with Jasmine Concrete, a local partnership in India.
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