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The World of fragrance

We shape fragrances to bring the most memorable moments to caring, cleaning and perfuming.
We aim for the highest levels of creativity and performance to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.


Fine Fragrance

Our perfumers create for the world’s finest and well-known brands. What sets Firmenich apart? The finest palette of ingredients, our creativity fueled by passion & innovation, and our long-standing and close relationships with our customers.
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Body Care

We create inspiring and innovative fragrance solutions for skin care, hair care, skin cleansing and deodorant brands. We make body care experiences delightful, highly sensorial and memorable through unique delivery technologies for consumers around the world.
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Home Care

Every day, our fragrance solutions enhance consumers routines, across fabric, surface and air care products. Our fragrance delivery systems are key elements in a brands signature, bringing added dimension to the consumer experience across key touchpoints.
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Oral Care

What drives our success in oral care? From toothpaste to mouthwash, our innovative research approach, creativity, global reach in mint sourcing and deep consumer understanding are cornerstones of our product solutions.
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Meet our Masters Olivier Cresp

Master Perfumer
“When I start out on a creative journey, I am like a mountain climber. I set off to conquer new and undiscovered heights.”

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Meet our Masters Johannes Feser

Master perfumer
“On a recent trip to Morocco, I had the opportunity to visit with a local lady and discover how she washes her family’s garments. After handwashing her husband’s shirt, she handed it to me and said: ‘See for yourself how nice it smells.’ It was my own fragrance and a moment I will never forget.”

Meet our Masters Annie Buzantian

Master Perfumer
"If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got."

Meet our Masters Tony Reichert

Master Perfumer
“Every day I realize how lucky I am to have found a career that I have been able to be passionate about for over 40 years. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Meet our Masters Alberto Morillas

Master Perfumer
“A formula is like a sentence, and thousands of beautiful ones exist. Like a writer, when a perfumer puts emotion into his work, the result makes your heart skip a beat.”

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Meet our Masters Martin Koh

Master perfumer
"First, I picture the perfume in my head. I then build it with the ingredients, bit by bit, part by part. It’s a construction."

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Meet our Masters Honorine Blanc

Master Perfumer
“I love imperfections. Mastering them helps me to create new emotions.”

Meet our Masters Gary Marr

Master Perfumer
“Just as in music, the beauty of a fragrance comes from its construction, its form, as much as it does from its content and notes. The construction allows for the notes or ingredients to perform their magic.”

Meet our Masters Harry Fremont

Master Perfumer
“Being a Fine Fragrance Perfumer is an amazing job, but also quite a responsibility. We create fragrances that send important signals between people. Every perfumer’s dream is to create a scent that will be enjoyed each time it is worn.”

Meet our Masters Eckhart Simbt

Master Perfumer
“Flowers are one of the sweetest things created by nature, and as a Perfumer I am so lucky to be able to work with them every day and relay through them emotions.”

Meet our Masters Nathalie Lorson

Master Perfumer
“I’m like a gold prospector looking for nuggets, then fine tuning them to make the most amazing jewels."

Thought leader In sustainability


Responsible sourcing is central for the Flavor & Fragrance industry, and we are dedicated to doing it sustainably. Firmenich’s approach is to select sustainable supply chains and support key suppliers through production partnerships and joint ventures.

Our program supports three main areas: Nature (biodiversity and forests), Agriculture (land and water) and People (local economies and families).
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#NATURALSTOGETHERTM The Future of Naturals


#NATURALSTOGETHERTM is an initiative led by Firmenich that brings together many of the world’s best natural ingredients suppliers to shape the future of Naturals.

#NATURALSTOGETHERTM is captured in a series of films.

Embark on a journey to discover the most beautiful natural ingredients for Fragrance and Flavors, the communities who grow them and the creators who bring them to life.
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Across all applications, Firmenich’s Research team is continuously developing innovative technologies to enhance the consumer experience. For example, in Home Care, our scientists are working to extend the lingering bloom on clothes, sheets and other textiles. In Oral Care, we are creating a unique set of sensations designed to trigger consumer satisfaction.
Our industry-leading delivery solutions include perfume longevity, bloom and malodor counteraction. Firmenich’s new perfume performance technologies are making it happen.
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As individual molecules interact with the 350 olfactory receptors in the nose, a human’s instincts are awakened.

This response is what motivates perfumery experts. By interpreting the nuances of the olfactory receptor code, Firmenich’s researchers aim to understand more precisely how humans experience odor.
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Firmenich creates outstanding perfumes that reinforce bonding between brands and consumers. Our market knowledge and consumer insight tools are proven to consistently guide and inspire our creative teams as they develop fragrances for our customers’ products.

They are tailor-made for the consumer target, for the brand, for the category and for global and local marketplaces.
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